Awe... The Bundle Sale Is Over

I'm Kelly McCausey, a Lifestyle Business Lover. I blog, podcast, sell my smarts & help others do the same. 

The Bundle, which gave access to 19 Full Version Products & Resourses has ended - but you can still jump in to take my Masterclass!!

Your Website Matters!

How well is your website doing its job? 

Is it representing all you are & inviting engagement from visitors?

Does it speak to your Target Market? Does it have Great Content? Does it win New Subscribers? Does it Sell Your Products and Services? Does it Make You Money? 

Heck, does it even look right on a small screen? LOL!

It's The One Place You Have Total Control Over

Your Website can deliver a precise User Experience - wooing the first time visitor to explore, subscribe and transform into a raving fan! If that isn't happening now - you're in the right place at the right time! 

Feedback For Session One (Held on July 17th)

"Kelly’s Wordpress Walkthrough webinar so exceeded my expectations. She began with installing Wordpress and every move and click of the mouse was visible to us because she made her screen viewable to everyone. She covered all Wordpress menu items, explained her personal preferences for Settings and Tools, all the why to do this, and why-not to do that, along with options to consider while we build our website, and so much more! Also her pace and style of teaching is not intimidating but very easy going. I wish I’d met Kelly years ago. I can’t wait for her next session!"

Kathryn Turner - Founder of the MediPal Company

My Brand New 5 Part Group Masterclass

Do you lack confidence in your current website - or do you need to create one?

I'm setting aside FIVE totally awesome weeks to guide you through website basics. This will give you priceless peace of mind! You'll be missing nothing and can leverage ALL of the incredible resources you're picking up as part of the Bundle! 

We'll meet as a group in my Zoom Room Mondays @8pm Eastern Starting July 17th!

July 17th: Wordpress Walkthrough  

We'll take you through every area of Wordpress to familiarize you with the software. You'll feel so much more comfortable knowing where everything is when you need it! (This session's replay is instantly available when you sign up!)

July 24th: Themes + Plugins We Love

There are so many themes & plugins to choose from and I'm going to take away overwhelm by sharing my favorites and providing explanation on what they do. 

July 31st: Content That Makes You Look Ahmazing!

I'll show you how to format your site content so that people WANT to read what you've written and WANT to share it with others. 

August 7th: Starting & Growing Your Mailing List

The MOST important part of your new website is providing a way for your visitors to subscribe and stay in touch with you! 

August 14th: Making Money With Your Site  

We may not all be focused on making money, but I'll open your eyes to smart profit points that it'd be a shame to ignore in the long run.  

Yes, of course I'll record everything and make replays easy to access on your own schedule. 

I'm going to be selling this 'Your Amazing Website Masterclass' later for $197. Choose the Upgrade and you'll be paying less than $10 per week for direct access to me! - Kelly

Bonus!! Using Beaver Builder With Genesis

Beaver Builder is a powerful page builder plugin, allowing you to create web pages in minutes 10x faster. However out of the box, it needs a little hug when using Genesis. This video course will demonstrate how to use them together so that you can keep using Genesis theme and add Beaver Builder to the recipe for pure webpage creation bliss!

Provided by: Melissa Evans

Regular Price: $97.00

Another Bonus!! Three Months Access To Wordpress Advice & Training!

3-months of Complimentary Full Access to the WordPress Inner Circle Academy! Come participate live and get answers to your questions about WordPress, List building, SEO, Security, and any other aspect of your Online Business. You will get live monthly calls and access to all the prior training!

Provided by: Paul Taubman

Regular Price: $111.00