Are You Qualified To Be A Business Coach?  

Who Get's To Decide That Sort Of Thing Anyways?

See How You Are More Qualified Than You Might Imagine?

You don't have to be in business for a decade or be certified by some expensive program to embrace helping others build a business.

I hosted a live webinar to dig into The Coaching Ladder & you can grab instant access to the replay and a copy of 'Can I Be A Business Coach?'

What if you created a coaching business that allowed you to expand your impact and your income at the same time? What if you used your mentoring and teaching skills to build a roster of clients you happily coached?  

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About Kelly McCausey

As a business coach, I'm focused on helping you publish content you're proud of for communities you love. 

I got my own start in 2002. I was flat broke, looking to make a couple hundred bucks a month to keep the lights on. The stuff I learned & people I met completely changed my life. Today I run multiple businesses without knocking myself out and I'd love to share what I've learned along the way.