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Someone who believes in your potential shared this with you. How cool is that?

I Came Here Ready To Stretch Kelly!
I See You

You're A Content Creator Thinking About Stretching Yourself... How Cool Is That?

You heard about the Stretch Yourself Challenge and decided to come check it out. (Yesss! First peek, first meet, first chance for me to woo you into the awesomeness that is the SYC!)

Kelly McCausey, Challenge Host

I'm Kelly McCausey. I've known the magic of publishing content I'm proud of for people I love for more than twenty years now.

As a coach, I love turning other people onto the joy of Content Marketing and when I can do it with added fun and prizes involved, it's even better :)

Hosting Stretch Yourself Challenge is a FOURTEEN year tradition for me... one I hope to include you in this year!

I See Your Gifts, Waiting To Be Opened By Others...

You have something wonderful to offer, whether it's a product, service or a transformative experience.

You want to be seen heard and know Content Marketing is a powerful way to do it.

Maybe you started a website and set yourself up on social media - but you're not reaching enough of the right people to create the momentum you've dreamed of.

I get it.

Don't give up!

There's always something else you can do to reach more of the right people - and it's so worth it.

That Moment When The Right Person Discovers You...

When They See You

It's golden!

When your message is expressed with power and clarity, when you're addressing the real issues and pain points that hold your people back - when they realize YOU are the person they've been looking for...

BAM! Now it's a Party!

If you knew you could publish content, spread it around with great energy and connect with awesome people - wouldn't you do it as often as possible?

Truly Being Seen Is Scary Sometimes

Have You Been Holding Back? (Even A Little Bit?)

Content Marketing is the opportunity to be seen and heard on an ever-growing stage. From a website seen by a handful of friends the first month to the content that goes viral and every step in between - when you publish your ideas online they have the potential to be seen by millions.

Sure it's scary. Being seen can be intimidating! I can list reasons to slow down and play small with the best of them.

But that's not why you're here.

You're here because you're ready drop what holds you back.

You're Ready To FLY!

That's why you're perfect for the Stretch Yourself Challenge and I can't wait to get you registered!

It's a complete introduction to the basics of Content Marketing so it doesn't matter how little experience you have today, I promise you'll be well prepped by this guide.

And oh... the ideas it gives you to take ACTION!

The Stretch Yourself Challenge Offers You A Variety Of Beautifully Outlined Content Marketing Projects

Pick Your Projects

Inside the Guide Book you'll find 21 Content Marketing Challenges.

Before you panic - don't worry - you're not expected to do ALL of them LOL!

You get to PICK the projects that you want to stretch with - so let's take a look at all of the 2023 Challenge Options:

Challenge #1: Blog Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy!  

Not sure how to put your expertise on display? Start here! In this challenge, you'll learn:  

  • About the quickest, most simple way to show off your know-how: the blog post! 
  • High-powered tips about formatting and sharing blogs. 
  • What kinds of topics stand up to the "Who Cares?" test! 

Challenge #2: Create A Content Upgrade

Build on the great content you have on your blog already and see more visitors turn into email list subscribers.

  • Leverage the content you already have and think strategically about what your people need next.
  • Create easy to access resources that meet them on the next step and win their email address.
  • Set things up so that these new subscribers know how to do something even more exciting with you!

Challenge #3: Set Up A Tripwire Offer

The best time to get a yes is right after you've already gotten one! Tripwire Offers are low cost products you sell on an Optin Thank You Page. A great TripWire can pay for your list building ads! You will:

  • Brainstorm the natural next step for your new subscriber.
  • Write short copy that represents the offer powerfully.
  • Get the offer set up to function and turn new subscribers into buyers.

Challenge #4: Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive  

In three weeks, you can learn the intimacies of ALL your market's problems. Group coaching sessions are a big deal, but don't get too intimidated—I'm here to guide you through:


  • Establishing a butt-kicking, attention-snatching sales page! 
  • Easily outlining your topic.  
  • The most SIMPLE way to make a PDF handout EVER for a group coaching session.  

Challenge #5: Create A Collaborative Blog Post

Collaborations around content is a favorite activity of mine and a meaty blog post featuring smart people is a great place to start.

  • Invite people in your community to shine on your website.
  • Leverage everyone's reach when the blog post is shared over and over by every contributor.
  • Enjoy boosted visibility and be seen as a leader.

Challenge #6: Tackle A Dedicated Affiliate Promotion

Most niches have an income stream available that is barely tapped and it's time that changes. You're going to choose one thing to promote and give it a serious push.

  • Put yourself in the path of spending already taking place in your community.
  • Learn that anything worth promoting is worth promoting multiple times.
  • Your people will act on the promotions you show you're excited about.

Challenge #7: Tackle A Content Refresh

The content you've created in the past deserves attention and re-promotion today.

  • Using Analytics, know which items of content are working best for you now.
  • Identify the obvious money leaks and patch them up smartly.
  • Spend less time creating something new and more time leveraging what you have already.

Challenge #8: Hold a Webinar To Grow Your List  

If you have a new site and need to give your mailing list a push, this challenge will win you devoted subscribers in just a few weeks. You'll:  

  • Learn all about the tools I use to create webinars that convert. 
  • Know exactly how to run a highly successful time-sensitive event! 
  • Receive a checklist to ensure your event planning stays right on track! 

Challenge #9: Make an Intentional Connection  

You can manage this challenge concurrently with others—fabulous if you want to be efficient! Connect with an influencer you admire and:  

  • Learn just how to give someone social buzz without acting like a fangirl! 
  • Get pumped to offer a guest blog post to them! 
  • Ask them for an amazing interview!  

Challenge #10: Start A Facebook Group  

A Facebook Group is a powerful tool for engaging with a community! If you love your tribe, this challenge is for you. Learn:  

  • How to create an enticing group banner that attracts your target market. 
  • Your own intentions for starting a group—perfect for setting goals. 
  • To recruit friends that will help your group grow exponentially!  

Challenge #11: Gather & Publish Testimonials  

Testimonials can make or break a business, but I'll show you how to gather them stress-free! In this challenge, you'll:  

  • Set up feedback forms that invite clients to submit their lovely compliments.  
  • Establish an autoresponder email that gently pokes your customers a few weeks after they purchase. 
  • Learn how to make the best follow-up calls to get your AMAZING feedback. 

Challenge #12: Host A One Day Virtual Summit  

Putting together a multi-speaker virtual summit event is a proven way to establish your expertise! In this 30 day challenge, you'll:  

  • Plan out your summit week-by-week with no hassle. 
  • Invite your speakers—with an e-mail template I'll provide! 
  • Lead a mini-summit event with just a handful of experts, all speaking on one single day! 

Challenge #13: Participate in a Bundle Sale or Giveaway  

When you offer something up in a bundle, the ripple effect as all the participants share it on social media is powerful! In this challenge, you'll:  

  • Learn what bundle creators will ask you to provide, generally. 
  • Determine an end goal that will boost YOUR business! 
  • Prepare your opt-in page for all those super-cool new leads you'll get! 

Challenge #14: Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube remains a top search engine - so can we find you there? If you've been rocking video over on Facebook or some other space, you can be repurposing them on YouTube and building a following there as well. Follow this challenge to:

  • Decide what your YouTube focus will be & name your new channel.
  • Repurpose some of your existing written content to video.
  • Learn YouTube SEO basics to implement.

Challenge #15: Offer An AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Every opportunity we make to engage with our target market is to be taken advantage of. An AMA is a fun way to invite interaction and learn tons about what your people need.

  • Choose a theme and format for your AMA.
  • Set things up to run smoothly.
  • Have a plan for follow up.

Challenge #16: Publish A Kindle eBook

You've got content in a variety of formats, have you realized you can repurpose some of your best stuff to be published on Amazon using the Kindle program?

  • Decide which of your existing items of content are best suited for a Kindle transformation.
  • Get your content properly formatted using free tools they provide.
  • Take advantage of the KDP program and get your new eBook out there.

Challenge #17: Help A Reporter Out

HARO is packed with invitations to share your expertise with ready audiences throughout the mediascape.

  • Learn how to take advantage of a free platform that helps you connect with opportunities to shine.
  • Target your interests to focus on your areas of expertise.
  • Pitch yourself smoothly and effectively as often as you can!

Challenge #18: Run A 5 Day Challenge

You know I know a think or two about running challenges well, right? Whenever someone asks me for a tip, I say to start small. Big 30 day challenges like this one are a lot of work to prepare for and require consistent high energy to see them through. A 5 Day Challenge is a great way to get started!

  • Learn how to design a challenge people want to finish!
  • Get guidance on choosing a format and deciding how people will participate.
  • What will you invite people to do when the challenge is complete? Let's think & act smart!

Challenge #19: Create A One Sheet & Apply To Be A Podcast Guest

Being a podcast guest gives you the chance to shine in front of someone else's audience, really letting them get to know you and see you as an expert. A One Sheet gives you a leg up on the competition by presenting you as an attractive guest.

  • I'm including One Sheet Templates of course!
  • Since you have a limited amount of space, you're going to learn what makes the greatest impact.
  • This challenge gives you the nudge you need to put yourself out there!

Challenge #20: Publish Nine Vertical Videos

TikTok, Reels, Shorts, you choose the platform and get active by publishing short form vertically formatted videos that share your expertise and let viewers get to know something about you personally.

  • I'll give you an abundance of ideas to get started with vertical video.
  • You'll learn about a few easy editing tools that make your videos more creative.
  • The challenge includes information about creating an effective 'link in bio' page to pull your platform viewers over onto your mailing list.

Challenge #21: Curate Five Smart People

In this Challenge you are going to identify five items of content you want to share. You're going to go beyond the knee jerk social share button click though. I'll show you how to create a curated item of content on your own blog, sharing your own added thought and live link that invites people to go read the whole item.

  • Curation is a beautiful compliment that may spark a new connection.
  • Associating yourself with other smart minds in your niche makes you look like a leader.
  • You'll see how curation keeps the flow of publication going with minimum time requirements!

I Designed Challenges To Help You Be Seen

Whether you need that very first content push or want to take a leap beyond the basics, these challenges invite you to stretch out of your comfort zone and transform your business.

Choose the content marketing projects that will take you where you want to go next!

Are You Willing?

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Stretch Yourself Challenge Reviews

From Rozlyn Warren

My whole idea of what it means to grow my business has changed. I see a clearer path forward to serve people that will in turn grow my income. Hey, love people and make money has totally inspired me. The Challenge showed me how to be task-focused rather than wandering through the day putting out fires.

From Amanda Myers

I have accomplished so much in the month and wish there was more time to complete even more challenges. I love the triads and being able to chat with fellow business women. I created four new Photoshop mini tutorials, a collaborative blog post, created new products and lots more. I networked and gained more social media likes and follows.

From Rena Tucker

I am flat-out surprised that I feel like a NEW PERSON. I really do! I’ve felt my self-esteem steadily improving as I went through the Challenge, then after watching Coaching & Brainstorming Session #8, I can finally *authentically* say that I feel good about myself: who I am, my talents and gifts, my personality, my way of being with people. I’m starting to understand why the people I resonate with also resonate with me, and I’m so excited about marketing as an opportunity to share my most natural self!

From Karen Sammer

I am so proud of myself for being a member of Team Finisher. I also think I have a shot at one of the top prizes because I was all in...something I wasn't expecting to be. I completed more challenges than I was planning to do. When I started the challenge, it seemed so overwhelming but I think I can complete the rest of the challenges in the coming months and really move my business forward. Kelly has made this so doable by laying out the steps very clearly.

From Linda Brown

Because I stretched, it is possible for me to share my gifts with my clients and with others in the community and the world! I discovered that I am not to be a lone island! That the world is full of islands. I need to be willing to reach out and grab a rope as it swings by, or build a bridge to another island and begin to share.

From Tracy Eng

I have a YouTube channel, I am not afraid to reach out for help in the areas that I struggle with now. I know that all of us as content creators go through struggles but we are not alone. Most importantly, I have learned to step back and let it be easy! That is so much better than wasting creative energy worrying.

From Lisa Ann

I have a clearer vision of next steps for what I want to build, and moving forward feels more accessible than it did before the challenge! They way I was able to be involved in triads. It’s something I usually avoid. But putting myself out there to be more visible then what’s normal for me, I was able to not only receive alot, but was bold enough to give others good input too.

Kelly McCausey
Kelly McCausey

Tip: Never assume that people reading a sales page have any idea who you are ;)

If we're meeting for the first time - awesome! Hi!

I'm a blogger/podcaster/coach today. In my past I've been a church secretary, daycare owner, graphic artist, website designer, ghostwriter, coloring page doodler and more.

In the grand scheme of things I'm a nobody from nowhere - yet I'm also kicking ass with an awesome community and get create more of what I want in the world one piece of content at a time

I raised one son who's given me two adorable grandkids (3 and 7).

I freaking love being a Creator. When I publish content I'm proud of, I attract people I get to love on and never fail to see a profit in the process.

If you want the same, you'll love spending time with me - and I'll love spending time with you too!

Say Yes To The 2023 SYC!