Want to enjoy more traffic, greater influence & connections with people you admire most? Curation Is The Easy Way!

Do What You Already Do (Share Stuff You Like!)

We're all curating already, almost daily in fact. If you've shared something on Facebook or pinned on Pinterest for example - you're curating! Let's take it a few creative steps farther...

Meet Kelly McCausey

I started building online projects back in 2002 as a totally broke single mom! Being in business changed my money mindset and ultimately my entire life. I crushed debt and set myslf free from constant struggle. 

I freaking love what i do. I'm building, tweaking & improving - creating businesses that allow me to Love People + Make Money. 

Faith is a cornerstone in my world and I believe I'm called to inspire and equip other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take consistent action. Belief + action create unstoppable momentum :) 

Do You Crave A More Active Blog?

Curation is an easy way to ramp up content creation without lots of time and effort. Every curated item boosts your website freshness and gives you something new to share on social media - which in turn increases your visibility!

I've Found A Powerful Way To Approach Curation

Curating The Best Of The Best Niche Content On Your Site. With every item you share, you're making yourself the 'go to' expert by association!

You'll be Amazed At How Simple This All Is! 

There are no high tech skills and no complicated software required to start curating!

You'll be Amazed At How Simple This All Is! 

Who knows your niche like you? You know what your people are hungry for. If you had all the time in the world you could research and write about everything - but you have priorities that don't allow for that - so think of Curation as your 'Easy Button'. Other smart people are creating all kinds of amazing content that your people can benefit from. When you're the person to introduce it, you gain authority by simple association.

Now, You Only Need Great Content To Share... 

Finding shareworthy content is the biggest part of being a successful curator, so I'll show you my best tips!

  • How to get and stay 'in the know' in your niche. 
  • How to monitor a large number of sites without wasting time. 
  • How to monitor and engage a large number of thought leaders in your niche. 
  • How NOT to get sucked into the informaton vortex.

It's A Win Win Way To Market Yourself

When you curate others, it's not just content that serves your goals, it's a small act of 'giving back'.  

When other people curate you, it's a fantastic source of back links and social proof for you and a vote of confidence from them.  

There are few things we can engage in to build our web presence that take so little time and carry such wonderful benefits.  

Ready to get started?  

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