Want To Get On More Stages, Podcasts, and Summits?
You Need A One Sheet!

A "One Sheet" is a quick snapshot view of you and your areas of expertise.

Question: Do you have one you'd be proud to send out today?

If the answer is no, consider this your invitation to get one started ASAP!

This One Sheet Booked Me On 30 Podcasts

Working with an industry leading podcast booking organization (Interview Connections) I was booked on 30 podcasts in less than a year.

In every instance, this One Sheet went out before me to get attention and make me look good ❤

Doesn't that sound wonderful? It is!

A One Sheet is a bite sized chunk of visual content marketing that packs a powerful punch.

Meet Kelly McCausey

I started building online projects back in 2002 as a totally broke single mom! Being in business changed my money mindset and ultimately my entire life. I crushed debt and set myself free from constant struggle. 

With a focus on Content Marketing and Community Building, I freaking love what I do. Building, tweaking & improving - creating businesses that allow me to Love People + Make Money.

Joy comes in equipping other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take consistent action. I've seen it over and over: Belief + action create unstoppable momentum :) 

A One Sheet used to be associated mostly with those seeking live speaking opportunities - especially those that pay. Speakers and booking agents use them to make a quick impact on those who are looking for fill event stages or book experts for organizational meetings.

Live Event Stages May Have Been Scarce For Awhile...

The pandemic shut down so many live event opportunities, but that's starting to change - and as many own experience proves, they're also not the only reason to have one.

A One Sheet is an excellent first impression for anyone seeking to be found on digital stages.

Podcasts & Summits Reach Millions Every Day

You don't have to look far to spot virtual exposure opportunities these days and while it can feel highly competitive, having an attractive One Sheet helps you stand out.

The larger the audience, the more likely you are to run into gatekeepers... the people who review you and decide whether to pass you through to the decision makers.

One Sheets open doors - proving you're willing to do the work to be prepared.

Yes, It's This Important!

I don't encourage anyone to waste their time with fluff stuff or busy work, so I promise you - this is neither.

You'll love having a One Sheet at the ready and will certainly find many reasons to use it this year!

Introducing The One Sheet Project

I'm inviting you to jump into a special workshop that will guide you in creating a One Sheet you're proud of.

This training will address these Important Elements.

  • Your Photo: Their first view of you is important!
  • Your Brief Bio: What belongs, what attracts and what only distracts!
  • Your Topics: Emphasizing the topics you want to be know for
  • Your Suggested Questions: Give potential hosts a peek into the conversation they can have with you.
  • Your Contact Info: How do they quickly & easily follow up with you?

We'll also take a look at whether you want to include evidence of Social Proof. If you got it flaunt it!

This Is The Simplest Promotional Tool You'll Create All Year

Putting yourself out there in the world is about taking proactive steps on a consistent basis. Reaching new audiences, having your moment in the spotlight - it matters! People need to hear from you!

For some, a One Sheet is a 'nice to have' thing. For others, it's a 'gotta have' thing... you know right know which is true for you.

Say yes to the One Sheet Project and be on your way to more opportunities.

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