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Laura Fedorowicz creates captivating art that draws me in and she is plugged into several smart ways to profit through licensing merchandise. You're going to get some great ideas here!  

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Can You Really Turn Creative Interests Into A Profitable Business?

Being surrounded by creators who make amazing art in different mediums, I'm inspired by the ways they use their imaginations and infuse projects with a unique vision. 

I'm really interested in how they are turning their artistic hobbies into profitable businesses - and this is why I put the Creative Business Summit together. 

I asked them the best questions so we get to discover what motivates their choices and creates the best results! 

- Kelly McCausey, Summit Host


Rayven Monique

Color Happy

Elaine Allen

Start In Art

maria dismondy

Maria Dismondy

Cardinal Rule Press

Rosie Battisa

Ink Play Love

laura west

Laura West

Joyful Business

Lynette Chandler

Thrive Anywhere

elizabeth richardson

Elizabeth Richardson

Fangboner Farms

shari-beth susskind

Shari-Beth Susskind


Staci Ann Lowry

The Ornament Girl

Tina Burk

Artistic Urn

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