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Meet Kelly, Your Fire Sale Host

First of all, thanks for stopping by to check out the Fire Sale.

GBIRD is my nephew, Garrett - and I'm going to tell you all about him just below.

If we haven't met yet, what I want you to know about me: I'm a blogger, podcaster, business coach. I'm all about content marketing and community building.

It's my 18 years of focus on these areas that made this Fire Sale possible. When I wanted to raise money for my nephew's cancer treatment, I only had to ask and a flood of support came rushing in.

The online marketing community I move in is full of amazeballs people. They're the smartest, most creative and clearly most generous folks you'll meet.

Now, before I show you everything in the Fire Sale Package, let me introduce you...


I've hosted many fundraisers over the years, but never one with such a personal connection.

My nephew, Garrett, is a certifiable Badass Adventurer… if they offered certifications for that ;)

  • He biked across the country right out of school, then made the trip again in a VW Bus a year or so later.
  • He back-packed across Europe.
  • He moved to Hawaii, learned kiteboarding and paragliding – ended up helping others learn and experience the same.
  • He bought and lived on a sailboat he called Mary Jane. (Of course he did, right?!)

He was living the life of his adventurous dreams, until 2006 when a flight went terribly wrong. He fell 80 feet from the sky – breaking his back. It's a miracle he lived.

The doctor's said he'd never walk again – but he did.  After surgeries to put stabilizing rods in his back and years of recovery, with unbelievable determination, he was on his feet and believe it or not, he eventually returned to the sky.

Life on the ground has never been satisfying for Garrett.  In recent years he traveled the world for more paragliding joy – seeking out acro training, aiming to do all kinds of exciting moves in the sky.

All without a lot of feeling below the waist, by the way.  The back injury left him with mobility and sensation deficits.

This winter, when he experience pain near his tail bone, he wondered if he'd injured himself in a fall a few months before. Mentioning it to a doctor friend, he was encourage to have an x-ray, just in case.

Life Crashing News

After that x-ray and a series of tests, a doctor sat Garrett down to say he needed to leave the islands immediately. He believed a tumor of frightening size to be causing his pain and only a few treatment centers in the country would be able to help.

That was the middle of April. Within 36 hours, he'd been on three planes and gotten a miraculous admittance to Beaumont Hospital – the closest treatment for us here in Michigan. (I call it miraculous because Detroit is of course a hot spot for Covid-19 – so getting seen could have been impossible.)

Garrett's pain was/is intense so the first goal was to get it under control while confirming a diagnosis: A massive cancerous chordoma tumor wrapped around (and consuming) his tailbone.

After about a week in the hospital, the best recommendation was surgery to remove the tumor. It was too big for any other standard treatments. The surgery would 100% leave him without ability to walk or control any lower functions.  Garrett refused, checked himself out and made plans to consult with another treatment center – hoping to be able to take advantage of proton therapy.  At home, he detoxed from pain meds and pursued every possible homeopathic action to take care of his body.

Last week, his hopes were dashed. The specialists believe his tumor too large, what he really needs is proton therapy's ‘big brother' Carbon Ion Therapy – something far more powerful.  The tough news there, it's only available in Japan and Austria.  The hopeful news, the doctors here know the doctors in Austria, so they've called for a consult.

It's stunning to see how quickly the medical community moved Garrett along through this process, especially with all that's going on right now.  I've heard of cancer patients waiting months to learn anything.

Last week, May 13th, Garrett learned the treatment center in Austria is willing to see him.

First step is to have the tumor ‘mapped' here in the US. That's happening this coming Tuesday. The goal is to know precisely where nerves are located within the tumor so they can target treatment without causing unnecessary damage. Soon after that, Garrett wants to be on his way to Austria.

The costs involved are astronomical, even with their kindest mercy given on costs, treatment will likely run $100,000 and Garrett's insurance coverage will not pay for it.

Finally… something I can do.

I can't cure cancer, but dammit, with help I can raise treatment money.

I reached out to my community for help - and they showed up like rock stars ❤

Garrett flying in Nepal... can you even imagine?

That's Garrett and I the day I got my first car.

That tongue sticking out proves he's always had a good share of attitude ;)

And that cigarette in my hand... *face palm*

It's sweet to look back at memories, but I want to look forward to future experiences and adventures with this guy.

Thanks for your support, from me and my entire family ❤

This Fire Sale Is A Massive Value!

You'll make one purchase of $97 and be given access to claim 61 resources with a total retail value of $5133.93!

Using special links and 100% off coupon codes, you'll cherry pick access to the ones you want.

What's Included In The Fire Sale?

Courses, tools, printables, PLR & coaching that support your best life and successful business.

Let's take a look!

First, Review The Business Resources Included!

Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist
by Renee Shupe

Retail Value $17.00

The Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist gives you a step by step guide of everything you need to be doing to keep your WordPress website well maintained.

Monetize Your Life With Storytelling
by David Perdew

Retail Value $197.00

While writing and storytelling are part of the "creative process" when it comes to writing for your business, using proven strategies and templates ensure you are always staying on point.

Writing for your business can be tricky. Especially when your content requires a call-to-action.

Face it. Whether it's a blog post, webinar, presentation, speaking engagements...ultimately you want your audience to take action. It could be registering for a free product, engaging with a blog post, or buying from a sales page.

You will master using templates to quickly and easily apply your stories to areas of your business that need some extra oomph!

Whether you’re a writer or author, a publisher, ghostwriter, blogger, copywriter, internet marketer, salesperson, trainer, speaker, teacher, parent, or just someone on the street… storytelling is for you.

Lead Magnets That WORK!!
by Melody Wigdahl

Retail value $40.00

High-Quality Lead Magnets are the BEST and EASIEST way to build your business! Choose any 4 from this outstanding collection of 12 original Lead Magnets - or apply your coupon towards the whole collection for the best deal!

PS....more added all the time!

Done-for-You Blog Package: Mindset: How to Stop Letting Your Thoughts Hold You Back From Your Dream Life
by Nicole Dean

Retail Value $17.00

Inside this done-for-you content bundle, you'll find inspiration and strategies to share with your audience to help them overcome their own limiting thoughts so they can live their own dream lives!

You'll receive a self-assessment that you can use to create an optin or a quiz "Do You Need to Change Your Mindset and Outlook on Life?"
You'll also get a 1000+ word "epic" blog post that you can send people to after they take your assessment "12 Ways to Change Your Mindset and Your Outlook on Life".

AND you'll receive 5 additional DFY blog posts that you can use to create awesome content for your readers and followers!

TRIO Monthly PLR Memberships
by Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers

Retail Value $564.00

Each month you get a new set of five articles along with emails, social media posts, and graphics in the Self-Help, Business and Health & Wellness Niches.

Giving you a total of 15 Pieces of Content, 15 Social Media Posts, 15 Email Messages, 15 social media friendly images, plus 3 Short Reports each and every month. That's just enough content to keep you busy without being overwhelming.

Build a Business Belief Stack
by Stacey Myers

Retail Value: $147.00

Believing in yourself is the most important skill you can develop. Though most people don't spend anywhere near as much time on that, as they do working on their website.

I am going to teach you how to have unshakable belief in yourself and what you can produce in the world.

Serenity Prayer Journal Templates (PLR)
by Jenn Brockman

Retail Value $19.99

This reformatted done-for-you Prayer Journal is ready for you to add your business info to and sell as your own. Or, edit it and add to it to create a unique tool for your customers to connect with their grace.
This is editable in Powerpoint or Google Slides, and printable with the PDF.

You get 3 sizes - 6x9 in., 8x10 in., 8.5x11 in. 4 covers, plus 8 interior journal templates.

Start your Online Coaching Business
by Josie Gonzalez

Retail Value $69.99

Learn how to start your own online coaching business. Inside the course we’ll discuss the different ways and avenues you can coach and offer your services and expertise to the world. As well as provides you with additional resources on how to quickly get yourself set up to start your coaching business with little to minimal cost.

There are 10, high-quality, in-depth videos that cover everything you’ll need to start your own coaching business.

Plus, the added bonus of a private Facebook group for you to come in and get additional help is also available

Baby Shower Guest Book Journal PLR
by Michelle Farmer

Retail Value $57.00

(120 pages ) Brand New, 100% Unique

Journal Includes: Baby Shower About Page
Lined Pages with and without Baby Quotes

Guests sign the book and then give advice to parents and a note to the new baby, a treasure for new parents to share and cherish for years to come.

Bonus Gift Log pages included, for easy tracking of gifts and Thank you cards sent.

ADDED BONUS: 30 Baby Quotes PDF
12 Page PDF with Baby Games for Shower, in a word document for easy editing to add your own cover.Size of Journal 8 1/2 x 11

Reputation Management Made Simple
by Connie Ragen Green

Retail Value $99.00

Your reputation is everything. Knowing exactly what is being said and written about you on the internet can make or break your reputation, your business, and your relationships. Reputation Management Made Simple will teach you how to easily protect and manage your reputation, as well as how to do this for other people as a part of your business.

Become a WordPress Authority
by Anne Elizabeth Perez

Retail Value $97.00

Now Is The Time For You To Master WordPress For Yourself Or Your Business.

The Annual, All Access Pass includes 12 Key ​WordPress courses (200+videos), regularly updated with the latest WordPress changes. An ENTIRE Set Of Easy To Follow, "Do-This-Then-Do-That" Step-By-Step Videos

Paleo for Beginners Power Pack (PLR)
by Rachel Youngson

Retail Value $47.00

Looking to wrap your hands around the popular Paleo diet? Here is everything you need to get started quickly.

* Report: Paleo for Beginners
* 20 Articles
* Report opt in Page
* 10 Social Media Images
* Checklist - Your Paleo Plate
* Checklist - Your First 4 Weeks

You Will Also Get Access to These PLR Trainings:
* PLR Success Steps Journal
* PLR to Profit Report
* PLR to Social Media Images
* How to Use PLR Articles

Create Your 90 Day Biz Plan In 60 Minutes
by Crissy Herron

Retail Value $97.00

If you feel like you're running your business by the seat of your pants, this live coaching workshop is for you! You'll learn how to create a 90 day biz plan in just 60 minutes - and you'll actually be working on it during this live coaching workshop.

You'll be planning out your content, which products you will be creating and promoting, the emails you'll be sending to your list, as well as your social media posts - for a whole 90 days. The process takes about 60 minutes - and once it's done, you'll know exactly what to work on each day, and you'll no longer feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting no where.

This live workshop will be held on June 6th at 12pm Eastern. Don't worry if you can't make it live - it will be recorded and I will send out the recording after the live workshop is over.

Joyfully Motivated Social Media Graphic Pack
by Lori Winslow

Retail Value $27.00

The Joyfully Motivated Social Sharing Pack includes:

  • 30 Joy and Happiness Social Media Graphics (Red, White & Blue Flowers)
  • 30 Positive and Motivating Social Media Graphics (Teal)
  • 12 Health and Wellness Bonus Graphics (Light Green)
  • All graphics will be delivered in .jpg and PowerPoint

Personal Development & Health Niche PLR
by Geoff & Susie O'Dea

Retail Value $74

You will receive 2 PLR packages. One is on Self Confidence, the other on Mindful Eating. Each pack includes articles, an eBook, eCover graphics, social posters, and infographics.

Are You Ready for a VA?
by Lexi Roark

Retail Value $199.00

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Feel like you are doing everything EXCEPT why you went into business in the first place? It may be time to hire a VA. This four-part course will help you understand what a VA is and can do for your business; determine if you are ready to hire a VA; and provide a simple process to prepare you to partner with a VA. This course includes a Resource Library of digital tools to help you along the way.

Boost your Biz with Quora Course and Workbook
by Amy Smereck

Retail Value $47.00

Quora is an often underappreciated free resource for generating targeted traffic to your website and offers. Spending a small amount on advertising can improve rankings and engagement within Quora for even bigger benefits. This course starts with the basics and proceeds through building your Quora Momentum Machine and advanced techniques for retargeting campaigns and market research. A companion workbook is included.

Mightier Marketing with Trello
by Jennifer Burke

Retail Value $67.00

To-do lists scattered all over your desk? Training you've never taken gathering digital dust? Inconsistent marketing bringing inconsistent clients?

Get organized, get clear, be consistent by learning how to use the awesome free project + idea management tool - Trello - for your business and marketing. Trello helps keep your thoughts, content, and purchases organized and your marketing on track to consistently bring more, happy clients!
Self-Study Course includes ​videos of live training sessions, use cases for Trello,
bonus tutorial videos on key features, and copies of Trello boards you can use in your own account.

$50 Color Monthly PLR Gift Code
by Rayven Monique

Retail Value $50

Go on a shopping spree and snag anything your heart desires at Color Monthly PLR. Grab coloring pages, planner pages, or heck, even try out one of our memberships. It's up to you! Our packages come with PLR rights so you can color AND share!

Intention Setting with Crystals 5-Day Challenge
by Gabbe Conde

Retail Value $47.00

Help your customers manifest what they want with a 5-Day Intention Setting with Crystals Challenge.

You get everything you need to brand it as your own and quickly get set up to launch and run your challenge.

The package includes ebook templates in Canva and PowerPoint, 5 blog posts (Combined total of 4,125 words), opt-in page copy, and 5-Day Intention Setting with Crystals Challenge E-Course Autoresponder series. Add the blog posts to the ebook and set it up as an opt-in to build your mailing list.

Marketing on a Shoestring
by Cindy Rushton

Retail Value 57.00

Take the mystery out of marketing and publicity. Join me and let's find YOUR STYLE of marketing. Let's look at those good old marketing ideas that always work while we peek into the new, cutting edge marketing ideas that you have got to try TODAY! No more trying to do this all alone. No more trying to "copy" what others are doing. Let's get moving beyond the idea to how to make it work for you, your product, and your ministry. You will leave this session KNOWING how to market your business on a shoestring and KNOWING how to be your own publicist. One packed session! Join me today. Includes videos or audio options plus our Marketing on a Shoestring Action Guide.

Passive Income Jumpstart
by Karon Thackston

Retail Value $49.00

One of the hardest parts of affiliate (referral) marketing is finding products your audience loves, that you ​get paid to share. But I can help you break through those roadblocks by showing you my personal system that can gradually add dollars to your bottom line.

Ready to have some fun as you learn how to take advantage of one of the fastest paths to passive income? Let's look at the real affiliate marketing possibilities that can fill your inbox with sale notices 24/7/365!

Expert Author 411 Book Smart Writing Package
by Linda Griffin

Retail Value $97.00

Get the Tools You Need to Write a Book People Want To Read and Avoid All the Newbie Mistakes! The 3-Part Book Smart Writing Package includes:
- The PDF Version of Book Smart: The Ninety Day Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing For Busy Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporate Professionals. The book, normally available only on Amazon, outlines the step by step process I follow when I work with private clients.
- My 90 and 180 Day Book Project Calendar (PDF) that gives you a week by week plan for completing your book.
- The Brainstorm Your Book Worksheet (PDF) that will walk you through the critical steps of planning your book and getting ready to write.

Social Media Engagement Power Pack
by Michelle D. Garrett

Retail Value $149.00

This bundle will help you create engaging dialogues with your online community. You will receive my eBook with 100+ content ideas for each month; a Video Training you can watch on your own time schedule with tips on how to incorporate these prompts within your community and 1 month of Voxer Access for social media Q&A.

How To Fire Your Itty Bitty &#$*@! Committee
by White Label Perks

Retail Value $47.00

With the How To Fire Your Itty Bitty &#$*@! Committee package, you’ll help your community discover how to let go of their need for approval, find out how to step into their best self, learn what it takes to stand up for themselves and more!

Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in the workbook…

-Why Do You Care What Others Think?
-The Problem with Waiting for Approval
-Embracing the IDGAF Mindset
-Letting Go of What Doesn’t Matter
-Know Your Values & Focus on Them
-Resources to Set You Free from Your Need for Approval
-Trust Yourself Profoundly

Time Management for Better Productivity (PLR)
by Alice Seba

Retail Value $47.00

This is a 4-Week Ecourse that will teach your readers how to accomplish their goals and save time by becoming more productive.

The ECourse includes: 4 illustrated (.doc) time management guides, worksheets, detailed checklists, course delivery emails, professionally-designed ecover sets and a lead-generating opt-in page.

Overnight VA Success Story
by Angela Wills

Retail Value $27.00

Becoming a Virtual Assistant changed my life! In Overnight VA Success Story I tell you how I, in desperation, made an offer that earned me 11 clients in just 24 hours and how that launched me out of a factory job and into a full-time, long term successful career as an online business owner. It's a short, punchy read ebook that will give you action steps to building your own service business or getting more clients.

Build Your Dream Stream
by Ashnichrist

Retail Value $27.00

Build Your Dream Stream is an ebook that was created for the struggling streamer. If you've ever been confused as heck about why you aren't growing, this book is for you. (INCLUDES BONUS WORKBOOK & AUDIOBOOK!)

Inside are the best tips and strategies that are currently working to grow streamers, from the first Stream Coach: Ashnichrist.

Sizzle Reel Secrets!
by Lou Bortone

Retail Value $79.00

Learn to leverage all the tools, tips, tricks and tactics for creating your own professional sizzle videos for speaker reels, product demos, sales videos, explainer videos, book promos, logo reveals, animated videos and more!

Sell Like a Saint
by Lexi Rodrigo

Retail Value $47.00

Sell Like a Saint is an online course that will teach you how to sell with confidence and integrity—without feeling greedy, dishonest, or downright sinful. Overcome the three most common selling mistaken beliefs that keep you from selling more effectively.

Inspirational Graphics Enthusiasm 50 Pack (PLR)
by Norma Allen Esler

Retail Value $17.00

Fuel your social media outreach with the power of enthusiasm! I've chosen this 50 pack of social media graphics to offer in support of G-Bird because I feel it represents who he is. "Enthusiasm will steady the heart and strengthen the will; it will give force to the thought and nerve to the hand until what was only a possibility becomes a reality." Orison Swett Marden

Create Journals & Planners with InDesign
by Catherine Beebe

Retail Value $47.00

Learn by doing with this beginner friendly course that shows you how to create both a journal and a planner in InDesign.

Along the way you will learn the most important tools and functions of this software, and we will even layout our book cover, all in InDesign.

Step by step videos and PDF with course notes included.

Color Delight: Easy Coloring for Adults to Unwind
Sheri Prest-Herman

Retail Value $9.99

Product Description When you are stuck at home and want something to do or need some relaxation, Color Delight: Easy Coloring for Adults to Unwind coloring book is a great activity option! Filled with 24 unique coloring designs, you are sure to have plenty of choices for some creative down time. Use your favorite coloring pencils or gel pens to fill in the designs while you escape from life’s stressors for just a little while. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Brainstorming the Perfect Card Deck Idea for Your Business
by Rosie Battista

Retail Value $97.00

This fun, interactive, exclusive group workshop is hosted by Rosie Battista, aka, The Queen of Card Decks. Rosie will take you through her signature brainstorming formula, "Ante Up" that will get you clear on a solid idea for your card deck. Any business can have a card deck.

This workshop is perfect whether you have no idea what it could be or whether you have so many ideas, you don't know what to choose. Held in a Zoom Room Workshop with downloadable printable worksheets included.

Quickstart Podcasting
by Christina Lemmey

Retail Value $27.00

Quickstart Podcasting is the final technical step needed to get your podcast live and to your audience.

There's no fluff or growth strategies; instead I'll lead you through each step of the set up process and show you how to get listed in all the biggest podcast directories, including Apple Podcasts.

Membership in Group - Through the Eyes of Authors
by Sandy Lawrence

Retail Value $141.00

Three months FREE membership in Through the Eyes of Authors, a membership group created to provide authors, bloggers and content creators with a community of like-minded people. We provide support, accountability, training and more.

Membership includes:
Access to Private Online Facebook Group
Attendance for all LIVE courses
Attend any of the Gold or Platinum events
Replays of all courses
Live attendance to weekly Mastermind, hot seat and "Expert to Expert" Calls

PLR Package - Getting Cozy With Your Bible Reading & Memory Plan
by Daily Faith PLR

Retail Value $21.97

The Getting Cozy With Your Bible package has been developed to equip and encourage people to spend more time in the Word.

It all starts with a small report to light a fire in Believers. Then the package offers up a printable reading plan that guides you through reading the entire bible in one year, along with beautiful monthly memory verses and a set of monthly emails to nurture through the year.

Use this package to encourage others and spread God’s Love, Grace & Mercy far and wide!

How to Pick the Best Business Structure for Your Business & Why You Need to Do It Now
by Pam Hamilton

Retail Value $197.00

This is a series of three LIVE WORKSHOP, Starting June 23rd at 1:00pm ET.

I will take you through the exact process, in plain english, to help you understand the pros and cons of each type of business entity; and then determine which one would be right for your business, where it is right now. And, how to use this same formula to adjust entities as your business grows. Recordings of all the sessions and workbook included.

30 Day FB Business Page Challenge
by Cheryl Cooper

Retail Value $47.00

A 30-day email challenge designed to inspire you to develop consistent interaction with your FB community. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. All you'll have to do is open the daily emails and follow the instructions! This is an amazing opportunity that includes post idea starters, a checklist, email support, and two live check-ins via Zoom.

The challenge begins on May 31, 2020.

The "Hell Yeah, You're a Writer!" workshop
by Karin Crompton

Retail Value $47.00

This one-hour workshop will teach you to write with purpose -- how to find interesting details and then organize those details, to write a good hook, to move the narrative forward.

Includes Q&A and a bonus supplemental interview with publishing expert Candice L. Davis.

Turn Your PLR Stash Into Cash' Group Coaching Event
by Melissa Brown

Retail Value $97.00

Do you have a stash of PLR and done-for-you products that are just sitting on your hard drive waiting for you to tap into them and use them? Or maybe you've bought content to use but you've never even downloaded that content from the seller? If that sounds like you, you're sitting on a pile of cash!!

Let's get together to Turn your PLR Stash Into Cash with this live group coaching event. Join Dr. Melissa Brown on Thursday, June 25th, and July 2nd for training and group coaching to get that stash working for you! You'll learn how to organize your content, create a plan to quickly publish your next piece, and you'll learn how to customize your PLR with just 4 easy steps. You'll learn how to create a system to repurpose and reshare your content so it's not published once and forgotten about.

Digital Product Creation Workshop
by Cindy Bidar

Retail Value $197.00

Sometimes we just can't seem to get out of our own way. If you've struggled to get a digital product launched because you overthink it, overcomplicate it, or just plain don't know where to start, then this workshop is for you. During this one-day live event, together we will:

* Plan and create a small, low-cost digital product based on your unique expertise and experience
* Craft a compelling sales page that will have your readers itching to hit the "buy" button
* Build a simple sales funnel including payment processing and automated product delivery

I'll be available all day via Zoom to answer all your questions and help get you unstuck, and at the end of the day you'll have a brand new product you can sell.

Google My Business Set UP Guide
by Terry Loving

Retail Value $49.00

Get better visibility and find the "gold" in Google search by claiming ownership of your business with a "Google My Business" listing. This course shows you how to set up your "Google My Business" listing in 8 simple steps. The course is delivered directly to your email box on 7 consecutive days. A "Google My Business" account is for online businesses as well as brick and mortar. Claim ownership of your business and start attracting more clients to bring in the "gold".

3 Steps To Completely Outlining Your Next Signature Course - Live 2 Hour Workshop
by Jessica Larrew

Retail Value $97.00

Join Jessica live, on July 8th 2020, as she walks you through her process of outlining and fine-tuning your next (or first) signature course. By the end of this masterclass, you will have your entire course outlined into clear modules and lessons so that you can get to work creating the content.

This workshop will give you time to complete the exercises and get live feedback from Jessica as you go through the process with her.

Press Release Essentials Self Study Course
by Patrysha Korchinski

Retail Value $49.00

You’ll get instant access to a self-study publicity course that walks you step by step through the process of attracting publicity to your business, cause or event, including how to write a powerful press release, when to send one and who to send releases too. Covering both traditional and online media, this digital package is a goldmine when you put the steps into action.

3-Month Membership to the WordPress Inner Circle Academy
by Paul Taubman

Retail Value $111.00

Imagine having the ability to ask any website or online marketing questions and get them all answered… You will be able to ask all your questions about your website and how it pertains to your business. I am talking about specific issues you might be having with your website. You will be able to interact LIVE and actually see what needs to be done on your computer. You can even follow along if you want!

There are some WordPress helplines out there available where you can ask questions and you can hear the answers. This can be confusing. When you sign up for the WordPress Inner Circle, you will actually see what you have to click, you will see where you enter information, and nothing will be left to the imagination.

This offer is for 3 months of unlimited Free access to the live trainings and the entire membership area.

Your Personalized Profit Plan
by Sandra Martini

Retail Value $297.00

There are so many great programs and products in this package to support G-Bird. Mine is a little different: 3 Overlooked Strategies to Increase Profits: First, an e-book on "How to Overcome Overwhelm: Get Clients, Add Leverage & Increase Profits". A past client described this as *the lightbulb moment* that helped her make over $1 million annually. Second, a 30-minute private call with Sandy to discover what you need most and, based on that call, third, you'll receive up to 3 pre-recorded trainings around those topics and access to a live Group Q&A call to ask questions on any topic (or submit in advance if you can't join live). Thank you for supporting G-Bird!

Make Your Website Rock
by Ellen Finkelstein

Retail Value $77.00

* An easy-to-use, 6-step structure for your home page that irresistibly attracts people in your target market
* The 5 essential and 3 optional pages that are all you will ever need for your website
Bonus 1: 33 Essential Tools you must have for your website — these are the resources I use and couldn’t manage without – a $29 value
Bonus 2: The exact course script that you can print out so you can easily repeat the steps on your own – a $29 value
Bonus 3: Add Video to Your Website ebook – a $10 value

Now, Let's Look At The Lifestyle Focused Resources

Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment
by Anne Bolender

Retail Value $197.00

The digital book "Foundations of Tarot for Personal Empowerment" can be downloaded immediately so you can begin exploring the basics of reading Tarot right away. Each chapter takes you step by step through everything you need to know to get started reading Tarot easily and effectively. Images of Tarot cards, information on selecting your first Tarot Deck, identifying the structure of Tarot Decks, the Story of the Fool's Journey, and so much more is covered in this digital book.

Then, on Tuesday July 14th at 1pm EST, I will provide a live Zoom Tutorial to provide a walk-through of the material covered in the book, and to answer any questions you have regarding beginning your journey reading Tarot cards for Personal and Business Empowerment!

Cocktails & Connection - Parent Group
by Dr. Renee Cohn Jones

Retail Value $80.00

One Month (June or July 2020) of an awesome Parent Support Group absolutely FREE.

Parent groups are a great way to find support when you need it most, to learn about different parenting options, and to develop deep and lasting friendships. You'll talk and hear from other parents who understand the types of problems and turmoil you may be facing.

These weekly groups meet virtually. Daytime groups are geared towards parents with children in specific age groups (pre-school, elementary, middle/high school).

Raw Material: Whatta ya got to work with?
by Cindy Carothers

Retail Value $200.00

For Authors - Do you wonder if you are getting the most out of your book? Want to see where you might ramp up your sales and revenue? Or how you might make your book more sellable?

Live workshop via Zoom helps you evaluate your marketing assets and find areas for improvement. Workbook included. Replay will be available.

Two Fun and Colorful Classes to Ignite your Creativity!
by Elaine Allen

Retail Value $54.00

These two classes are popular with all ages, and perfect for beginners! First, an intro to one of my favorite mediums, Oil Pastels. They are buttery and smooth sticks of vibrant color. I'll show you all the ways to take advantage of their unique qualities. The other class has unique and surprising materials...have you ever made art from eggshells? I'll show you how! When you log into these classes you'll find instructions in both video and text, complete supply lists with links to purchase them, and examples and ideas for projects you can create. It's a package full of colorful fun!

Inspirational Coloring Quotes
by Suzanne Sukhram

Retail Value $19.00

20 Inspirational Coloring Quotes for Personal and/or Commercial Use

How to Outsmart Your Stress
by Shirley Noah

Retail Value $27.99

A 2 Session Workshop. Completely Change Your Mental and Physical Health by Understanding Your Stress and Changing Your Daily Habits.

Course Topics include Stress triggers, How to release stress in the body, How to manage stress in your job, How to manage stress in your relationships, How to manage stress in your home-life, Ways to correct stress caused by technology dependency.

Special Bonuses-Personal Workbook to track accomplishments, 30-minute call with me as your expert guide, detailed follow up in the form of specific resources I am recommending.

Crack Your Sugar Habit
by Cheryl A. Major

Retail Value $27.00

This Two Module Live Online Workshop Course takes you step by step through the benefits of reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet. Some of the things you will learn:

What are the benefits of reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet (mental and physical).

Where else sugar is hiding in your world…you’ll be amazed at this one!

What is the one sweetener that doesn’t give you a glucose bump, and how to tell if it’s not an imposter?

How to analyze how much sugar you’re currently eating and What steps to take to get yourself off sugar.

God's Drawn to Movement
by Lucia Claborn

Retail Value $67.00

Have you ever noticed how too much information paralyzes you right where you are? Or maybe you have dreams, goals and plans but don’t know where to begin processing the information to make your dreams a reality, so you just stay stuck!

Join Lucia as she adds value to your life and helps you either get moving or keep moving by reminding you that God is Drawn to Movement! She helps you identify where to begin sorting dreams, goals, plans and information then directs you how to implement that information into your daily routine.

She will encourage you to trust yourself and what Holy Spirit is telling you to do!! No one has your voice, your experiences, and the instructions He is giving you!

Discovering God's Unique Design in You
by Lesa Dale

Retail Value $67.00

“…you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together…” Scientists have proven this repeatedly with their discoveries. God has given us all a unique design from the moment of our conception. We have unique fingerprints, voiceprints, retina scans, and DNA. 2 Corinthians 13:5 tells us to “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves, that Jesus is within us – unless we fail to meet the test.”

I invite you to take this opportunity to do just that during this workshop – Discovering God’s Unique Design in You.

Create Your Own Awesome Hand-Drawn Selfie!
by Rena Tucker

Retail Value $49.00

Chock-full of fun, bite-size lessons, Create Your Own Awesome Hand-Drawn Selfie is an online self-study course that allows you to go at your own pace with lifetime access to videos, plus a private Facebook group for asking questions and showing off your awesome drawing.

Self-Discovery Intensive
by Tishia Lee

Retail Value $47.00

This is a group setting where we will meet for 3 sessions to discuss and work through questions from the Discover Who You Are: Explore New Dreams & Design Your Next Big Adventure journal (included when you sign up).

Identifying Your Hidden Strengths and Core Capacities
by Dr. Melissa Peet

Retail Value $47.00

In any given moment, human beings process up to 11 million stimuli, but we are only conscious of 40! This means most of what we see, think, know and do exists completely outside of our awareness. That's why even the highest achievers rarely know what they are truly capable of. Since most of our knowledge, strengths and capacities are hidden, we can easily feel lost, like we don't have a place in the world or know what to do next. This first exercise addresses that gap by translating material from my live workshops into a digital exercise. It is an invitation to discover hidden sources of strength and resilience hidden within "everyday" experiences.

Boldly YOU Workshop
by Val Selby

Retail Value $67.00

It's time to Boldly be who you are meant to be. Freeing yourself from others judgement opens you up to try big, bold things. Join Val for 2 live workshops to embrace your personality and improve your happiness...leading to more confidence.

Finally, What I Created For The Fire Sale...

You Bring Value Live Masterclass
by Kelly McCausey

Retail Value $197.00

Wanting to create something brand new to give everyone who buys the Fire Sale, I went to friends and ask them what they'd like to see me teach on.

The answer came right away: 'Show me how you run group coaching programs and mastermind groups so easily.'

I felt the sparkles and knew it was a great topic!

I've been running a group mastermind for over three years now without constantly creating new content - because I bring value just by showing up - and you can to!

Upgrade Your Support & Experience More!

I have TWO upgrade opportunities offering you experiences that can't be had any other way.

Group Upgrade: $497

I'm running my popular All About You Workshop as a virtual event for Group Upgrade buyers only.

The small group, two day workshop's focus is on recognizing the amazing value you bring to your business.

We'll identify what you bring to the table and write small but powerful copy you can use to communicate what you do and charge what you're worth.

Dates will be chosen for this summer.

Of course, you also get the full Fire Sale Package!

Private Upgrade: $4997

Sign up for a VIP Biz Love Fest and enjoy:

  • The Full Fire Sale Package
  • Virtual All About You Workshop
  • 12 full months of Momentum Coaching Mastermind
    $1997 Value
  • 12 full months of Private Voxer Coaching
    $2997 Value
  • One Private Virtual VIP Day with Me
    $2997 Value

Piling on the value... these super smart friends are going to give you for targeted attention for you and your business!

  • Cindy Bidar: Funnel & Systems Review Coaching Session - $497 Value
  • Dr. Melissa Peet: Entrepreneurial Generative Interview - $497 Value
  • Therese Sparkins: 2 Hour Compass Coaching Session - $597 Value

Upgrade Bonus Gift!

From Lady Rayven Monique: The Eat The Pickle Card Deck

Many people are stuck living in their past, doing the same thing over and over each day, meeting the same people, eating the same food - all the while desiring something new in life. But here's the thing: unless you challenge yourself by experiencing something different, you'll remain stuck in what's known.

The Eat the Pickle Card Deck was created to be an exercise in the unknown. Simply draw a card each day you desire a new adventure, and off you go!

That's The Whole Picture ❤

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