Is Your Website The Powerful Presence You Want It To Be?

We'll Give Your Website The Loving Attention It Deserves!

Every page of your website is a representation of you. Does it show people that you're current with the times, keep a tight ship and can be trusted with whatever they're looking to you for?

Maybe Not So Much?

Outdated content, broken links, missing information - these pesky little issues undermine confidence in your potential customers. It's time to give your website content a solid review so you can fix what you're not aware of. Let's do this!

This is Not A Website Redesign Thing

Don't worry, nobody is asking you to come up with a new look or get a new website theme - we're 100% focused on the content on your website - text and photos! (Easy things to update in a flash!)

Meet Kelly McCausey

I started building online projects back in 2002 as a totally broke single mom! Being in business changed my money mindset and ultimately my entire life. I crushed debt and set myself free from constant struggle. 

I freaking love what i do. I'm building, tweaking & improving - creating businesses that allow me to Love People + Make Money. 

Stretching and growing personally is a cornerstone in my world and I believe I'm called to inspire and equip other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take consistent action. Belief + action create unstoppable momentum :) 

Everyone Has Content That Needs To Be Updated

Whether you've had your website for one year or fifteen - there are for sure items that need to be updated and optimized. That's where we put our focus during this Challenge.

In preparation for this Challenge, I've updated podcast notes, blog posts, thank you pages and more. I've found a lot of pages that leaked money because of bad links and retired recommendations. I also found many opportunities for adding in NEW income opportunities I've become aware of since I originally created the content.

You have content on your site right now that are surely underperforming. Let's find them and give them a boost!

Let's Boost Your Engagement

& Share-ability While We're At It.

Your website can be inviting engagement from visitors AND be set up to make sharing your smart content so easy it that it happens regularly.

Let's look at refreshing and optimizing everything for social sharing.

Every Finisher Earns A Prize From Me!!

Creating powerful content that represents you well has a lot to do with your mindset and the energy you bring.

The "Power Pose" will be a big part of our Challenge this month!

Finishing a Challenge deserves recognition and I've got you covered with a mug that will have you stepping up in a big way anytime you need it!

If the Challenge Mug doesn't ring your bell - I'll send you yummy SOC brownies instead!

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