The 2021 Great Big Life & Biz Bundle is no longer for sale.

If you missed it, I'm so sad!

We Get One Life - And It Comes With Glorious Opportunities!

I have a question for you... are you living a Great Big Life? Are you creating the Great Big Business you dream of? If you're not... what the hell are you waiting for?

Meet Kelly, Your Host

This fall I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Referred to an oncologist, I learned I'd have a complete hysterectomy and thankfully, I could be scheduled ASAP.

Surgery went well, I came home the same day and two weeks later I got the all clear. Tests showed no need for chemo or radiation - just like that, I'm cancer free.

The strangest thing... being told I had cancer had an odd impact on me. I walked around feeling incredibly powerful.

I had this thought: "If cancer is going to end my life early, I'm going to step up and do what I can with the time I've got."

I didn't slow down a titch. I didn't waste time whining or wishing things were different. I got up in the morning and asked 'What do I want to create more of in the world today?'

Now that the cancer has been so easily kicked to the curb... I don't want to lose this powerful feeling - EVER.

Let's ALL Make The Most Of The Precious Time We've Been Given!

The Great Big Life & Biz Bundle is packed with resources that support you in creating the Life & Business you dream of - all contributed by people I'm blessed to partner with. When you buy the Bundle, you get to claim EVERYTHING you see.

Let's Look At The Business Resources Included!

Get Clarity Write Now
by Benecia Ponder

Retail Value $197.00

Get Clarity Write Now is a 3 day LIVE book coaching intensive to help your jumpstart your book writing project. Together, we will get crystal clear about your book idea and book goals, outline and organize the content for your book, and activate your book launch teams!

Mindset & Visibility Mastermind
by Pam Hamilton

Retail Value $588.00

1 year membership including Weekly Small group mastermind meetings to provide support, encouragement, resources and accountability for older women seeking the courage to be seen, attract their right audience and grow a business they love. Includes quarterly skillshops and access to a private forum.

Illustrated Reading Journal
by Ana Cristina Tarouca

Retail Value $29.00

This is an Illustrated Reading Journal with a feminine touch, the perfect gift for women who love to read. Editable in PowerPoint. PLR License.

Creative Guidance from Your Future Self – 7 day Journal and Meditation
by Laura West

Retail Value $97.00

You'll love this powerful visualization to meet your Future Self and a 7 day journal to help you receive guidance for a project, idea or your day! You'll be amazed at wisdom, ideas and practical steps you'll receive. It's easy to follow the journal prompts for the perfect guidance.

Create Digital Planner Stickers in Power Point
by Lori Winslow

Retail Value $47.00

This video course helps you to learn how to make digital planner stickers and how to package them to sell on hot marketplaces like Etsy.

Mighty Easy Landing Pages – the New Online Biz Owner’s Intro to Getting them Done
by Jennifer Burke

Retail Value $67.00

You want to build a list to build your business but the how-to and tech of creating landing pages for opt-in offers leaves your head spinning. In a live workshop learn the 6 critical elements and how to create easy landing pages with the tech you have.

WordPress SEO 2021
by Paul B. Taubman, II

Retail Value $47.00

This course will teach you how to set up your WordPress website in an efficient and search engine friendly manner, to maximize your exposure in the search engines. You will learn about On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

You do not need to be technical to learn what you need to know.

10 Minute Tasks: List Building
by Piggy MakesBank

Retail Value $47.00

This five-module video e-course will help you create and/or grow your list just ten minutes at a time.. You'll find plenty of tips, ideas, and strategies to help you determine what part of list building you should focus on next. The companion worksheets & checklists will help you plan your Monthly Milestones, Weekly Targets & Daily Tasks to reach your goals.

Never Run Out of Content Ideas Group Coaching
by Melissa Brown

Retail Value $147.00

Running out of content ideas? Maybe the diagnosis is content creation constipation--the ideas and the words just won't come out!

The cure: this 2-part live group intensive to fill your content calendar with ideas that will keep you writing all of 2022. Zoom sessions on Tuesday, November 30th at 7 pm EST and Thursday, December 2 at 2 pm EST. Recordings will be made but for best results, show up live!

Affiliate Manager's Planner
by Lynette Chandler

Retail Value $39.00

Build and grow an affiliate program to get better leads, get better conversions and more sales. Commercial use included so you can turn around and sell it.

End of Year Planning Session
by Michelle Garrett

Retail Value $49.00

Start off the new year with a bang and set yourself up for success! This interactive workshop will help map out your business strategy for next year. We go into what's happened this year, what will happen in 2022, and how to make sure your New Year's goals are realized.

Fast Free Functional Membership Website
by Kim Stone

Retail Value $67.00

Membership Websites are trending. Some benefits include: recurring income and establishing credibility in your niche. Tech tools to build such a platform vary from low cost to expensive. Inside this training, you’re going to understand the basics of a membership site and how to build one with free tech tools.

Amazing Affirmations Coloring Pages: Confidence
by Lady Rayven Monique

Retail Value $30.00

Add these beautiful coloring pages to your journals, planners, opt-ins, or create a coloring book. 20 gorgeous, hand-drawn pages, each featuring an affirmation of confidence. PDFs & JPGs. PLR Rights.

Selling Coaching - 3-Step Framework For enrolling coaching Clients
by Colin Yearwood

Retail Value $197.00

Selling coaching is not about selling, it's about coaching. In this workshop you will learn simple but powerful strategies that will have clients wanting to join your program after your initial free session. No need for sales tactics or closing strategies.

Sprinkle Stories in Everything You Do Done-for-You Content Pack
by Gabby Conde

Retail Value $47.00

Do you want to learn how to use stories to sell your products? And teach your customers how to do it too? Our done-for-you story content will help you find the right message that connects with your audience. You will learn how to create a compelling story that will help you sell more of your product or service. And use it to teach your customers. It also comes with a workbook that guides you through the process.

90 December Social Media Graphics (with PLR Rights)
by Crissy Herron

Retail Value $37.00

This bundle of 90 December-themed Social Media Graphics comes with PLR Rights. There are 30 graphics each for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You'll receive both JPEG files with and without quotes, as well as the PSD files.

A License to Print Money
by Cindy Bidar

Retail Value $67.00

A License to Print Money is a 4-lesson multi-media course that teaches online business owners how to collect and interpret sales and traffic data so they can better leverage their assets to earn more without working harder.

CJD Laptop Lifestyle
by Christina Deptulski

Retail Value $30.00

Done-for-you, lovely Achieve Your Goals Mandala Planners. Size 8.5" X 11" Same 76-page planner. Two different designs. You choose. One has a beautiful blue background, and the other is the same planner with an understated gold design with white background.

Bright Dust Calendar 2022
by Dodge

Retail Value $37.00

2022 calendar templates with over 60 unique pages in three common sizes. Multiple layouts of monthly, weekly and daily planners are included.

The Sally Purple & Teal Templates Bundle
by Amber Louise

Retail Value $147.00

In this gorgeous kit you will receive the following templates and graphics for your online business. Gumroad cover graphics, Instagram graphics, Bio link web template, Client testimonial graphics, VA logo template, and Etsy shop sticker graphics.

All fully customisable and easily edited within Canva’s free account. Expertly designed in a winning brand colour combination of Teal & Purple with consistent fonts.

Pretty Blooms Small Business Planner
by Becky Beach

Retail Value $37.00

This 32 page planner is perfect for your customers who are running a small business. There are 3 covers and it comes in 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and A4 sizes. It has everything your customers need for a successful business!

Less cute business planners are selling like crazy on Etsy! You could even sell this on Amazon KDP as well.

75 Business Stock Photos With Roses
by Amanda Myers

Retail Value $40.00

75 Business Stock Photos with Roses. Add your own Text. Great for advertising your small business on social media. Some photos are square, horizontal, and vertical

2022 Vision Board Templates MEGA Bundle PLR
by Dee Pawar

Retail Value $37.00

Offer your customer unique vision board designs that they can use on all their computer monitors, phones and tablets. This mega bundle comes with 10 different designs. Offer them as solo board or in a bundle - one for each life goal. Just customize them with your brand, colors, unique graphics and sell them in your shop or other selling platforms.

This Is YOUR Life - What Are You Doing With It?

Over the summer, I got my second tattoo... it's one of my own little doodles and it reminds me to take every opportunity to find and even create some joy in my life.

It isn't always easy to spot joy in the midst of tough stuff. My beloved step-dad Sweet Pete passed away. My nephew received a new diagnosis of cancer. Having surgery myself... it's a lot.

At the same time, one of my long term dreams of adopting a teen is getting closer to coming true. I just received my Foster Care License and soon I'll be welcoming a kiddo into my home.

This is MY life and I'm focused on creating more of what I want in the world. Through the good and the bad - this is the adventure!

What Do You Want To Create More Of?

You've Seen It All... Now You Get To Choose ❤

Now, Let's Look At The Lifestyle Focused Resources

5 Coping Skills for Women to Survive the Holidays
by Karen Robinson

Retail Value $249.00

Fellow moms, does the holiday season leave you feeling panicky instead of joyful? Do bad memories, traumatic triggers, or icky childhood patterns resurface because you feel obligated to do family events? No more! Learn the 5 coping skills you need this season for less stress, more joy.

Discovering Your Powerful Personal Numerology Live Training Plus My Personal Year Numerology Journal
by Rozlyn Warren

Retail Value $37.00

Do you ever wonder why some days you are on top of the world and so productive, then other days you can barely get out of bed?

By understanding the energy available each day you can flow with life rather than constantly being overwhelmed. Numerology gives you this information!

Empowerment Mentoring for Moms - 12 Month Mentorship
by Erica Gandy Grant

Retail Value $564.00

Let's face it, it's difficult to find time for personal development as a mom. You know you should, but you're too busy with the day-to-day tasks of family life. With monthly mentoring calls, growth strategies, and monthly Q&A sessions - tailored specifically for moms - Empowerment Mentoring for Moms will help you achieve your goals.

Every Body Is Beautiful: Body Positive Affirmations
by Tishia Lee

Retail Value $29.00

The first step to self-love begins as an inner monologue. And the Every Body Is Beautiful: Body Positive Affirmations will help you get more comfortable in accepting and loving the skin you're in - flaws and all. You’ll get the affirmations in both a PDF guide and audio file(s).

LIVE Crash Course: A 6-Figure Lifestyle On A 5-Figure Income
by Katie McCarthy

Retail Value $27.00

Throw on your favorite t-shirt and brew up a good cup -- it's time to learn some amazing spending hacks from a pro! During this 30-minute crash course, I'll cover some unique ways to save on business expenses, fund your fun with rewards, and revamp your approach to disposable income.

Using Humor and Reslience to Thrive During the Holiday Season and every other day of the year
by Dr Renee Cohn Jones

Retail Value $97.00

Join Dr. Renee for a fun and informative Masterclass to discover how to build humor and your natural resilience as a parent into your holiday survival plan. Come away knowing you can calm the chaos and spend meaningful - even FUN time with your family throughout the holidays.

Optimise Your Health & Balance Your Hormones
by Audrey Sourroubille Arnold

Retail Value $297.00

Over the coming 12 weeks, you will learn fundamental principles that will teach you how to optimise your health and balance your hormones naturally and from the inside out. You're going to create a personalised plan of action that works for you, no matter where you’re starting.

Woo-Hoo! Silly Art!
by Elaine Allen

Retail Value $79.00

Art is really effective self-care, so your creative self may want to jump right in and learn a few skills!
Let's make it easy for you to sprinkle some whimsy and have colorful fun with a few easy & colorful creative exercises. You don't have to call yourself an artist to play.

In this live 2-hour workshop, we definitely will not be taking ourselves too seriously.

Lose The Clutter, Not the Memories
by Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Retail Value $79.00

If you want to minimize without fear of losing memories, join me for a 90-minute interactive workshop on strategies to declutter to simplify your life. You’ll discover ways to record your memories, share the stories and let go of things that do not bring you happiness, calm or inspiration.

Sugar Detox Challenge
by Karen Sammer

Retail Value $97.00

This program is to help you release your addiction to sugar and regain control of your eating habits.

Self-Love Toolkit
by Gillian Hughes

Retail Value $108.00

Learn how to become your number one cheerleader with super simple, super sustainable actions you can do every day that leads to long lasting self love, happiness and transformation. Psst….. remember you are enough, you are worth it and you are special, in fact, you’re one in a million!

Oh, And Hell Yeah - There's An Upgrade Opportunity!

Choose The Deluxe Bundle Upgrade & Enjoy Exclusive Extras!

Up your Bundle Investment and walk away with another $650+ in valuable resources!

2022 Content Refresh Challenge (Runs in February!)
by Kelly McCausey

Retail Value $97.00

Join me in a month long journey to refreshing our website content, from spiffing up our About Pages to making sure our blog/podcast pages are updated and working as hard for us as they can.

Anyone with a website older than six months has content that needs to be refreshed - whether we're finding and correcting bad links or changing out affiliate recommends - it's an important task and when done right, boosts our profitability year after year!

This will be a CASUAL challenge - no crazy intense schedule to keep up with, I PROMISE!

Fully Remote: Timely Ways To Make A Living From Home (PLR Resource!)
by Nicole Dean, Content Drafts

Retail Value $27.00

This done-for-you content package was deisnged to give you everything you need for more visibility, interaction, and authority - to grow your mailing list!

Starting with 'Thinking Outside The Box: 10 Unique Ways To Make Money From the Comfort Of Your Couch" this pack is going to fill your blog and social streams with attention getting content you'll love sharing.

Six Figure Coaching Bootcamp (PLR Resource!)
by Coach Glue

Retail Value $297.00

This amazing FOUR MODULE program is going to make running a coaching program a total breeze for you!

  • How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients
  • Creating Your Coaching Offers
  • Double Your Profits (Not Your Time)
  • Clients Who Love Paying You Over & Over

Everything you need to sell and run a profitable program is included - with PLR Rights!

Build A Business You Love Bundle
by White Label Perks

Retail Value $200+

Includes FIVE Full Version PLR Packages that work together just perfectly!

  • Is It Time To Rebrand Your Business? Regular Price $27
  • Setting Gutsy Goals To Grow Your Business Regular Price $47
  • Core Values: Take A Stand For What Matters To You Regular Price $47
  • What Business Idea Lights You Up? Regular Price $27
  • Classy Ways To Offer A Great Deal Regular Price $47

Discovering The Breastplate of Righteousness
by Daily Faith PLR

Retail Value $21.97

A small report and 7 day devotional journal that dives deep into what the Bible says about this important piece of spiritual armor.

Use it to blog and build your mailing list or offer to run a group study with the content. With PLR rights, you can make it your own and share a great message!

You've Seen It All... Now You Get To Choose ❤


Q: What can you tell me about the Add On Coaching Call that Kelly is offering?
A: Ooh, I'm glad you noticed that on the check out form! I'm offering you 90 minutes of undivided attention in order to get in touch with the passions you've let fade from focus and the gifts the world is hungry for you to share. YOU are a unique person with so much to express and create - I want to be the person who links arms with you to discover your next great big move in life.

Q: How do I get access to my resources?
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Q: How long do I have to collect my resources?
A: Partners have promised to honor your claim through 5pm Eastern on December 10th. Please don't delay though!

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A: Don't even try! Honestly, pick the resources you need most and let other stuff go. No need to overwhelm yourself.

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