This new video course will teach show you how to choose, use and profit from Brandable Content!

Why Do I Want To Know About Brandable Content?

Creating content, we know it's important. Heck, if we had all the time in the world, we'd develop course after course and meet every need in our community, right? Trouble is, if we spend all our available time creating, we don't have any left to market and foster relationships.

Brandable Content To The Rescue!

Brandable Content, popularly known as PLR, is created by topical experts who give you permission to publish under your own branding - opening up valuable time for marketing, serving your community and hey - you can even enjoy your life!

Meet Kelly McCausey

I started building online projects back in 2002 as a totally broke single mom! Being in business changed my money mindset and ultimately my entire life. I crushed debt and set myslf free from constant struggle. 

I freaking love what i do. I'm building, tweaking & improving - creating businesses that allow me to Love People + Make Money. 

Faith is a cornerstone in my world and I believe I'm called to inspire and equip other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and take consistent action. Belief + action create unstoppable momentum :) 

Here's What You'll Learn...

All The Many Uses For PLR Every area of Content Marketing can be made easier with Brandable Content. We'll take a great look at it's flexibility and tackle the issue of finding great PLR you can be proud to use.

Simple Steps For Making PLR Unique You know the Brandable Content you buy has been bought by others, but trust me - nobody enjoying your published PLR ever has to know! I'll show you how to smoothly implement with a unique flavor and personality that engages your target market just right!

Yes, You Can Sell This Stuff! Some of the PLR we buy is perfect for our blogs, social streams and list building - but some Brandable Content has been developed especially so you can reband and sell it. I'm going to show you exactly how to do it, complete with 'how it technically works' instruction.

Organizing Your PLR For Easy Implementation Once you fall in love with Brandable Content you'll find realize how quickly your 'stash' can grow out of control. I'm going to show you how to save time, now and in the future by adopting a proven organization system.

I'll Be Your Guide!

I've been creating and using Brandable Content for more then ten years and I'll be your guide in this Workshop. When we're through, you'll have mastered the process of selecting and implementing great PLR. This will fills gaps in your content marketing and profitably meet needs for your community.

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