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Playing Small Won't Cut It For Us Anymore

You did not start this business so you could go half way, hide out and wait for someone to discover you - yet that is exactly what a whole lot of people are doing right now! This is your wake up call. If you're going to get attention and make the difference you dream of - you have to STRETCH YOURSELF!

I have been getting so much done this month on the #stretchyourself challenge hosted by Kelly McCausey. There are so many other inspiring and amazing business owners working to complete one or more of the 12 challenges that Kelly created in the workbook that goes along with this stretch OR you can create your own challenge.  

The whole idea is to do more than you would otherwise do this month and boy does this really work! I took this opportunity to create a fundraiser for Blinknow Foundation which will go live at the beginning of November. Very generous online business owners are donating digital products to put together into a bundle that will be accessible with a donation to BlinkNow! Lots of resources, eBooks, courses, and goodies are being donated!  

– Melissa Brown  

Imagine Challenges Designed Just Right For Your Business

Whether you need that very first content push or want to take a leap beyond the basics, this challenge will force you to stretch out of your comfort zone and transform your business. No two businesses grow exactly alike—so you'll find no cookie-cutter routine-based systems in the Stretch Yourself Challenge. You'll self-select the content marketing projects that will take you where you want to go next: • Will that be adding great content on your own site? • Will that be expanding your oh so attractive reach on social media? • Will it involve stepping out to speak in public? It's all your choice. This challenge is all about upgrading you and your business. 

Pick Your Own Adventures!

Challenge #1: Set Up Google Analytics Reporting (NEW in 2020)

Discovering that 75% of my new clients don't have analytics to review has inspired this foundational challenge I want everyone to check off if it's not already done.

  • Set up Google Analytics & Connect To Your Website
  • Activate Search Console so you can learn everything about how people find you.
  • Be ready to use the data you collect.

Challenge #2: Share Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy!  

Not sure how to put your expertise on display? Start here! In this challenge, you'll learn:  

  • About the quickest, most simple way to show off your know-how: the blog post! 
  • High-powered tips about formatting and sharing blogs. 
  • What kinds of topics stand up to the "Who Cares?" test! 

Challenge #3: Create A Collaborative Blog Post (NEW in 2020)

Collaborations around content is a favorite activity of mine and a meaty blog post featuring smart people is a great place to start.

  • Invite people in your community to shine on your website.
  • Leverage everyone's reach when the blog post is shared over and over by every contributor.
  • Enjoy boosted visibility and be seen as a leader.

Challenge #4: Tackle A Dedicated Affiliate Promotion (NEW in 2020)

Most niches have an income stream available that is barely tapped and it's time that changes. You're going to choose one thing to promote and give it a serious push.

  • Put yourself in the path of spending already taking place in your community.
  • Learn that anything worth promoting is worth promoting multiple times.
  • Your people will act on the promotions you show you're excited about.

Challenge #5: Tackle A Content Refresh (NEW in 2020)

This almost became a full 30 day challenge all on it's own, but I decided to bring it into SCY since it's so complimentary to everything we do. The content you've created in the past deserves attention and re-promotion today.

  • Using Analytics, know which items of content are working best for you now.
  • Identify the obvious money leaks and patch them up smartly.
  • Spend less time creating something new and more time leveraging what you have already.

Challenge #6: Hold a Webinar or Teleseminar To Grow Your List  

If you have a new site and need to give your mailing list a push, this challenge will win you devoted subscribers in just a few weeks. You'll:  

  • Learn all about the tools I use to create webinars and teleseminars that convert. 
  • Know exactly how to run a highly successful time-sensitive event! 
  • Receive a checklist to ensure your event planning stays right on track! 

Challenge #7: Host a Facebook Live Series  

This is an easy first step into video marketing—which is highly lucrative, by the way! During this challenge, you'll:  

  • Create a pre-broadcast routine to get you in the zone, no sweat! 
  • Plan out your video in five effortless steps. 
  • Repurpose your video for TONS of additional content!  

Challenge #8: Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive  

In three weeks, you can learn the intimacies of ALL your market's problems. Group coaching sessions are a big deal, but don't get too intimidated—I'm here to guide you through:  

  • Establishing a butt-kicking, attention-snatching sales page! 
  • Easily outlining your topic.  
  • The most SIMPLE way to make a PDF handout EVER for a group coaching session.  

Challenge #9: Create a Small & Mighty Gift Report  

Want a challenge you can conveniently outsource? Try this one! You'll can use private label rights (PLR) content and ready yourself to:  

  • Participate in a bundle deal, or
  • Provide a bonus item for a fundraiser or special sale, and... 
  • Establish a mailing list that attracts potential customers and clients!  

Challenge #10: Make an Intentional Connection  

You can manage this challenge concurrently with others—fabulous if you want to be efficient! Connect with an influencer you admire and:  

  • Learn just how to give someone social buzz without acting like a fangirl! 
  • Get pumped to offer a guest blog post to them! 
  • Ask them for an amazing interview over Skype!  

Challenge #11: Start A Facebook Group  

A Facebook Group is a powerful tool for engaging with a community! If you love your tribe, this challenge is for you. Learn:  

  • How to create an enticing group banner that attracts your target market. 
  • Your own intentions for starting a group—perfect for setting goals. 
  • To recruit friends that will help your group grow exponentially!  

Challenge #12: Gather & Publish Testimonials  

Testimonials can make or break a business, but I'll show you how to gather them stress-free! In this challenge, you'll:  

  • Set up feedback forms that invite clients to submit their lovely compliments.  
  • Establish an autoresponder email that gently pokes your customers a few weeks after they purchase. 
  • Learn how to make the best follow-up calls to get your AMAZING feedback. 

Challenge #13: Host A One Day Virtual Summit  

Putting together a multi-speaker virtual summit event is a proven way to establish your expertise! In this 30 day challenge, you'll:  

  • Plan out your summit week-by-week with no hassle. 
  • Invite your speakers—with an e-mail template I'll provide! 
  • Lead a mini-summit event with just a handful of experts, all speaking on one single day! 

Challenge #14: Choose A Live Event To Attend  

Get yourself out there in the REAL world within a week! Challenge yourself to:  

  • Learn the difference between conferences, masterminds, retreats, and more. 
  • Plan your finances for the event—even if you REALLY don't want to think about it. 
  • Leverage your time at the event to the MAX! 

Challenge #15: Volunteer/Apply To Speak Live  

Did I just suggest you go after an opportunity to speak on stage? Heck, yes! It's scary, but I'm here to help you:  

  • Find opportunities and events where you can reach YOUR people. 
  • Discover the BEST topics to the table—one that shows your expertise. 
  • Create a "One Sheet" that can earn you PAID speaking opportunities! 

Challenge #16: Participate in a Bundle Sale or Giveaway  

When you offer something up in a bundle, the ripple effect as all the participants share it on social media is powerful! In this challenge, you'll:  

  • Learn what bundle creators will ask you to provide, generally. 
  • Determine an end goal that will boost YOUR business! 
  • Prepare your opt-in page for all those super-cool new leads you'll get! 

Challenge #17: Plan A Microcontinuity Membership Program

Tiny renewable payments add up to big potential profits :) In this challenge you will:

  • Consider what monthly deliverable resource would attract your perfect audience.
  • Determine if you can create it consistently.
  • Calculate the minimum number of members you'll need to make it viable.

Challenge #18: Set Up A Tripwire Offer

The best time to get a yes is right after you've already gotten one! Tripwire Offers are low cost products you sell on an Optin Thank You Page. A great TripWire can pay for your list building ads! You will:

  • Brainstorm the natural next step for your new subscriber.
  • Write short copy that represents the offer powerfully.
  • Get the offer set up to function and turn new subscribers into buyers.

Challenge #19: Start a YouTube Channel (NEW in 2019)

YouTube remains a top search engine - so can we find you there? If you've been rocking video over on Facebook or some other space, you can be repurposing them on YouTube and building a following there as well. Follow this challenge to:

  • Decide what your YouTube focus will be & name your new channel.
  • Repurpose some of your existing written content to video.
  • Learn YouTube SEO basics to implement.

Challenge #20: Create A Tiktok Account & Post Three Times (NEW in 2020)

Really Kel? Yes! TikTok is a booming content venue and it's gone beyond dances and silly visual tricks. Let's explore and see if you don't actually enjoy engaging with people there.

  • Get in touch with your best possible 'short bites' of content and make them visually appealing.
  • Learn how to let content creation be simple and fun.
  • Decide if you want to do more - or let it have been a fun experiment. Your choice!

Challenge #21: Create A Twitch.TV Account & Stream Three Times (NEW in 2020)

I started streaming on Twitch in March as a personal hobby experiment and way of coping with the pandemic. The platform is not all about gaming and I've discovered some wonderful ways it serves to build relationships. I want you to give it a go!

  • Explore how to share your behind the scenes process on a livestream.
  • Let the interaction feed your creativity and see where things go.
  • Learn from what's working on the platform all around us and find ways to bring it back to your business as a whole.

Step Up & Create Content Your Community Will Love!

Maybe you've always wanted to soar to success as an entrepreneur… Or maybe you're got a business you want to uplevel - but the idea of content creation freaks you out. You might be thinking: • Blogging takes too long... • Live videos are intimidating... • Facebook groups seem like a lot of noise... And, anyway, where do you even begin to devise useful, compelling content that will get your message out? Don't dwell in the frustration and fear a moment longer. It's time to grow!

This Will Inspire & Push You To Create Content That Attracts Your Perfect Community

I was shocked when I did a review and realized how many things I'd started and NEARLY finished... Among other things I discovered 2 books that I'd written a while ago and never got around to publishing!! So I joined Kelly McCausey's #StretchYourself challenge to get the Support, Accountability, and Encouragement I need to get past the finishing line and serve the people I'm called to serve. 

Being part of the challenge has helped me to decide what the most important thing is, given me a place to ask questions and get answers... and the wonderful thing is that even though I was late to the party I'm getting things done! What would help you to get things done or bring about the change you long to see?  

– Lynne Lee  

About Kelly McCausey

Hi, I'm Kelly! :) I have more than 18 years experience in content marketing, so I know what it’s like to build something from scratch–and keep it growing. Having an internet-based business, almost entirely built around content, gave me a life with choices I could only dream of before. I was able to homeschool my son, be there for family, meet needs of others and keep bills paid even when I faced a health crisis.

Today I enjoy freedom of travel and the pursuit of a joy-filled future! I designed the Stretch Yourself Challenge to help you achieve the same peace of mind! 

Thanks to the Stretch Yourself Challenge by creator & facilitator Kelly McCausey, I’m getting things done that I put on my to-do list last year! I never made the time for these projects and tasks — and it’s not like I have any more time now or fewer things to do... I’ve just prioritized and scheduled myself to work on the most important things I need to complete and committed in front of Kelly and the whole Stretch Yourself group that I would finish these things this month. 😁 

If you need a motivation boost or you’re feeling stuck (like I was for months), go check out the Stretch Yourself Challenge. Kelly has included her challenge book with 12 different ideas that you can use to Stretch Yourself! You can also choose items on your own to-do list that you haven’t managed to get done yourself.  

– Gillian Hood  

No More Words - Just More Action! 

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Getting out of my comfort zone isn't easy but I have a friend who encourages it regularly to grow into bigger and better things for our life and business. That's why I joined Kelly McCausey's #stretchyourself challenge this year. 

There are 12 different challenges we can choose from designed to help us connect with others and gain exposure in a variety of ways. I'm meeting new people and building relationships that I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Belonging to this like-minded community to bounce ideas off, get and give feedback and encouragement, and share our wins has truly been a blessing. Being each others accountability partners and cheerleaders is what makes this challenge unique and helping me to push forward even when its uncomfortable.  

– Samantha Angel  

Wherever You Are, I'm Inviting You...

The challenge is all about accepting an invitation to stretch yourself. You have people to reach and an impact to have on this world - there's no reason to delay!

I have seen magical results from those who accept this challenge. Please, please say YES.